Ely Leckman's Photo Gallery
last updated 5/24/2004
Ely Pushnika Leckman is a malamute-golden retriever mix. He likes sleeping, burping, long walks on the beach, and catching bugs.

Sept'02 (16 pics) 1st month; grooming, discovering the neighborhood
Oct-Nov'02 (16 pics) Family Dog 1 class, 1st off-leash hike
Dec'02 (16 pics) 1st Christmas, 1st trip to Fort Funston

Jan-June'03 (17 pics) Around the house with the cat, out and about
Aug-Dec'03 (13 pics) Hanging out, Come On Let's Go 101 class

Jan-March'04 (11 pics) Hill-hopping dog at Funston, relaxing in the kitchen
April-June'04 (19 pics) Cat naps, mornings at the Fort, portraits by Kia.

March'06 onwards Ely's Flickr set, including our move to Georgia.

Ely's Adoption Story His rescue, fostering, and adoption.
Link: Ely's Dogster Profile
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