The Bedroom
A shot of the window nook with the new paint. Although several rooms in the house were painted with matching ceiling and wall colors before we moved in, neither Tad nor I had ever lived in a house with matching walls and ceilings (unless it was a uniform white) and the monochromatic-ceiling-and-wall style hadn't grown on us since we moved into the house. It seemed too modern a style for such a classy old house, but honestly for all we know that was how the Victorians painted. With it's low ceiling (at 10' tall this room sports the lowest ceiling in the house) and modern feeling paint-job (matching cool greeny-yellow 'Ice Cream' walls and ceiling); this room really felt more squat and cold than it should have.

I think we were validated in giving the ceiling a lighter color as it opened up the top of the room a lot. At the same time, the warmer wall color made it cozy and inviting. The ceiling trim is a lovely detail that the new paint scheme really brought out, and along with the original wainscotting details repainted, the whole room looks a little more formal (a little less like an afterthought!) and even more consistent with the rest of the house.
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