For Sale
Selling your first house is a bittersweet experience. On one hand you remember nostalgically all the long hours of work you lovingly put into your home and sadly consider all the projects you never got to, while on the other you're trying to check yourself from greedily calculating how much your labors of love might have added to the eagerly anticipated offers. Fortunately for the house, our own relocation took all our attention and we turned the clean-up and staging of our units over to trusted experts; Ken Fulk Design for staging, Eloy our contractor for exterior painting, and Naomi Lopez to close the deal.

If curb appeal is everything, then our house had nothing going for it. The paint on the front of the house was old when we bought it, and re-painting had fallen to the end of a long list of more important tasks that needed to be completed for condo conversion. Our stagers reccommended the colors and sight-unseen we passed them on to our contractor to make it happen. We'll never see the results in person, but we couldn't be more pleased from what we've seen in the pictures sent back. From sad-sandy to rich mocha fabulousness: three-color job in Benjamin Moore paint. The neighbors turned out in force to congratulate Eloy on his work - good sign!
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