Garden Photos
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Finishing Touches 6/18/2005

New tomato in the herb box

Top left corner of the garden

Fuchsias behind the bench

Top right corner of the garden

Down the right side

Bottom corner
Total Overhaul 6/12/2005

Ferns, herbs, and fuchsia.

Hydrangeas gone wild!

Cala lilies, hibiscus, and bench.

Pumpkin kid daylily.

The new tropical corner.

New canna lily.
Garden Clean-Up 04/10/2005

Ferns on the stairs.

Trellises, retired.

Bench and maple tree.

Summer blooms 7/4/2003

A rose.

Geraniums hanging under the stairs.

Shrubs line the pathway.

Happy fun-ball (plant).

Rose clusters.

Hydrangea blossoms.
Spring Planting 4/3/2003

Starting clockwise around the garden...

The new fern under the tea tree.

The bench, with new honeysuckle planted in the boxes...

The japanese maple my parents gave us.

A new agapantha blooms.
New dahlias in the flower box.