Wainscotting, and the Hallway Project
What a difference! Same view as before, but no more intersitial doorway blocking the nice period ceiling detailing that was located behind it at the far end of the hall. (Also note the snazy black cat peeking 'round the corner!)

The other obvious addition is the new wainscotting on either side of the wall. During our construction projects we discovered that we have two types of wainscotting in the house currently: the beautiful original wainscotting that can be seen only in our bedroom, and cheap plywood panneling installed over the orginal wainscotting throughout the rest of the house. Neither wainscotting can be purchased anymore, anywhere; and unfortunately for this project the cheap wainscotting in the back of the house only ran up to the doorway we just removed, necessitating some creative options from our contractor. We opted to pick wall paneling, baseboard and chair rails which were inbetween the designs of both the original wainscotting and the cheaper existing wainscotting.
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