Guerrero Street House

The first home we ever owned was in the heart of Noe Valley in San Francisco. On September 11, 2002, after 6 months of negotiations, we closed on a 3 unit TIC located on Guerrero Street. As renters we had lived for a year in the top back unit but we purchased the largest groundfloor unit for ourselves; two years later we aquired the top floor front unit upstairs as an investment property. The house was built in the 1880's in an Eastlake Stick Victorian style.

We put a lot of love (and investment!) into our first house. Here are pictures from some of the projects we took on:

* new! An Era Ends! For Sale: In March we vacated our beloved flats in preparation for listing them on April 30th. Painting the front, staging both units, backyard clean-up. [Apr 06]
* The New Unit: we purchase one of the upstairs units & clean it up to rent out. [Jan-Feb 2005]
* The Bathroom project: removing cabinetry, installing a pedestal sink, replacing a medicine chest, trim and paint. [Nov-Dec 2004]
* The Window project (all-units) : 24 windows are replaced throughout the house. [June 2004]
* Kitchen: all new paint, minor trim work, new cupboard hardware, and a laundry area update. [Sept-Apr 2004]
* Bedroom: replacing broken fluorescent ceiling lights with a new fixture and painting the room. [June 2003]
* Back hallway: fresh paint and new lighting. [Jan-June 2003]
* Priming & painting the front room. [Early Nov 2002]
* The Hallway project: more doorway removal, wainscotting installation, and painting. [Oct-Nov 2002]
* The Doorway project: we recycle a 'Narnia' door and make a new doorway. [Sept-Oct 2002]

Other pictures of the house:
* Latest garden work: Spring clean-up [June 2005]
* An excellent animation [ 471K ]: Tad's dad made a drawing of what the front of the house might look like, restored. [Summer 2002]
* Some pictures taken from the street. [Summer 2002]
* The previous owners kept pictures online of our flat when they put the building on the market. It's nifty seeing the same space with different stuff in it! [Spring 2002]

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