Leckman Kitchen Recipes

So what do you get when you marry one roughage-shy lactose intolerant vegan to one sodium-restricted lactose intolerant carnivore? Although it sounds like a recipe for culinary disaster, my husband and I have proven our flexibility and creativity in the kitchen over and over in attempts to find healthy, dairy-free, sodium-light alternatives to the average diet. I'm slowly starting to collect recipes we have used, modified successfully, and that have proven their worth in our kitchen.

Some of these have been passed down through my husbands or my families, some have been culled out of books or magazines, or other websites. Most have been slightly altered to accomodate our unique dietary restrictions (although some are still left in their non-veggie/vegan friendly state, sometimes I'll include substitutions/omissions). Whenever possible, I'll try and include the nutritional information and sources.


Easy Banana Bread*
Freezer Cinnamon Rolls

soups & salads
Caesar Salad*
Mixed Greens with Herbed Vinegar Dressing*
Chopped Salad of Romaine, Arugula, Dill, and Lemon*
Onion Soup & Goat Cheese Toasts
Creamy Tomato Soup
Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Grilled Rosemary Flatbread
Garlic-Roasted Green Beans
Green Beans with Shallots, Chile, & Mint
Ginger Basmati Pilaf with Cumin and Scallions
Sugar Snap Peas with Toasted Almonds
Coconut Peanut Sauce

main dishes
Spinach Linguine with Walnut-Arugula Pesto
Grilled Lamb Chops with Garam Masala
Salt-Crusted Shrimp
Roasted Sea Bass with Chive Oil
Pork Chops
Wasabi Salmon

World's Creamiest Tofu Cheesecake*
Glazed Gingerbread Tiles
Blackberry Cobbler*
Warm Molten Chocolate Cakes
Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Peach Tart*
Chocolate Crackle Cookies
Cupcake Frosting*

Bombay Raspberry

*ovo-lacto veggie friendly

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